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Reverse Racism – Iway Family #4/4

“Do I think racism affects the ability to achieve the American Dream? There’s always going to be a factor of racism, but I think it’s the cultural problems that hold people back. It’s more systemic than the police for being racist.”  

—Joel Nedeau


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Immigrants’ Sway – Iway Family #1/4

“I believe when Americans see that laws aren’t being followed – not just immigration laws, but other laws – it frightens people. And when people are frighten they tend to show it, and it can come off as being racist.”

– Danny Spurlock, son-in-law of Olivia & Belino Iway

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Individual Islam – Malek Family #4/4

In this final conversation with the Malek family, they discuss Islam and explain their frustrations with the common misconceptions that are perpetuated in the media here in the U.S.

“I wish that non-Muslims knew that Islam is not a religion of war, it’s peace. It’s a religion of peace.” —Ayan Malek

What views and perspectives do you have about Islam and where do they come from? Join the conversation at and#yfaKC.